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We recently reached out to get accredited by the BBB to prove to our students that we're operating a business that you can trust, all the way to the most respected business monitoring platform in the world.

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Some are interviews, some are voicemails, some are simply our students posting their "wins" in our private Facebook group.


We've compiled a huge list of these over the years. We try to keep up and post new ones every week but they come in so fast it's tough to keep up. Be sure you scroll through them all. We'd rather you hear it from THEM, not from us.


We aren't that cool, but our students are!

"I never had systems set up before Epic. It was a game-changer for me to learn to do things more efficiently. I went from 'scattered' to 'organized' and was able to take on volume. 


I had tons of support all the time. That was priceless!


Now I'm closing 4 to 5 deals a month!"

-Aaron Smith

Project Manager to "Top Gun" Investor!

Chris Warren

When Chris left his 13-year job as a project manager, he was on the look-out for an accelerator to boost his real estate business as quickly as possible. 


Chris stepped up to real estate and joined the REI Ace Program.


He is now consistently closing deals, and has deemed himself financially free.

“It really works and it comes quick!”

"Adding 6 doors and $2,250 recurring net income to the portfolio"

"Two fix/flip per month for Months 4-6, then adding two fix/holds every month."

"Contract to purchase a tenanted
SFR to hold: $35k, $70k value.
Tenant pays $575, market rent - $750"

"Put's The Badass Into

Real Estate Investor!"

Daniel Akkerman is a U.S. army ranger and sniper who returned from overseas protecting our country with a goal to seek more for himself both in life and as an entrepreneur.


Just 3 months after joining REI Ace, Daniel closed 14 wholesale deals and added 7 cash-flowing rental properties to his portfolio. He shared his experience at the Manhattan Beach Epic Intensive.

Daniel Akkerman

"About a 9k win with a double

closing wholesale."

"Escrow opened three times
this week and one deal closed"

"Lease with option to purchase 17k down payment, some rental money and 1.2k for helping a home owner"

"From 0 To 90 Units And Counting..."

After the corporate route became to wearing on Ryan and Emily Miersma, their goals fully shifted into finding an avenue that could supplement their income and allow them to focus on being a family.


Only 5 months into the REI ACE program, the Miersmas' closed just under 90 units, including an 80 unit mobile home park!


"We're at $3000 a month cash flow in just
five few months... the goal is $12k"

Ryan & Emily Miersma

"Closing on a 4 unit today."

"80-unit mobile home park in escrow."

"Should be close to 100% CROI."

Maura McGraw

"This Is Like Military Grade Investing!"

Maura McGraw was an officer in the United States Marine Corps until she decided to seek out a better work-life balance.


Only six months after joining the REI Ace program, Maura closed two deals in one day for a combined total of $39,000. She shared her experience at the Boston Epic Intensive shortly after receiving the Veteran Business Leader award in Birmingham.


"We've done a little bit of everything - new construction, flips, wholesaling, and building that rental portfolio!"

"Closed out my two flips."

"Got 2 under contract this week."

"Just closed on a rental property."

"Won one of the biggest real estate case competitions in the world today."

"First flip is finished and on the market."

"2nd flip complete."

"2 more deals under contract."

"Closed 2 deals."